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Guide to the Bahamas

A Tropical Haven of Pristine Shorelines and Vibrant Culture

An epitome of tropical paradise, the enchanting chain of islands forming the Bahamas beckons with unparalleled tranquility and leisure. Its blend of sun-kissed sands, crystal-clear waters teeming with vibrant marine life, and landscapes dotted with historic plantations create a captivating destination straight out of a postcard.

Comprising over 700 coral islands, the cruising grounds of the Bahamas archipelago offer a quintessential Caribbean charter experience within easy reach of the US mainland and Florida's transport hubs. With generally shallow waters and numerous lagoons and bays, it's ideal for yachts with shallow drafts or catamarans.

Situated less than 50 miles off Florida's coast, the North Bahamas include the Bimini Islands, Grand Bahama Island, Moore’s Island, and the Abaco Islands. From glamorous casinos and top-notch golf courses to secluded anchorages and lush landscapes, each island boasts a unique charm for captivating days of island-hopping adventures.

Towards the north of the Biminis, Grand Bahama Island thrills water-sports enthusiasts with vibrant cities like Freeport and Lucaya offering a plethora of outdoor activities. Its eastern coast unveils vast stretches of pristine beaches and mysterious underwater caves awaiting exploration. Year-round festivals infuse the streets with vibrant parades and pulsating drum beats, making every day and night brim with excitement.

In the southern Bahamas, New Providence Island is home to Nassau, the Bahamian capital, retaining echoes of the Caribbean's bygone era. Rich in culture and history, colonial architecture and Victorian houses adorn its streets, once roamed by 17th-century pirates.

As Christopher Columbus first set foot on the Island of San Salvador, he exclaimed, “The beauty of these islands surpasses that of any other and as much as the day surpasses the night in splendour.” Its ivory-white beaches gracefully meet turquoise waters, while beneath the surface, reefs teem with marine wonders and shipwrecks offer glimpses into history.

Whether you seek relaxation on palm-fringed beaches, exploration of historic villages, or adventures in fishing, diving, or sailing, the Bahamas cater to every desire.

Feeling inspired? Begin planning your luxury Caribbean getaway by exploring the fleet of luxury yachts available for Bahamas yacht charters.

Featured Yachts

catamaran up to 15 k_edited.jpg
        $ 199,000
164 ft 10 guests 9 crew

from                           p/week

catamaran up to 15 k_edited.jpg
        $ 14,000
46 ft 6 guests 2 crew

from                           p/week

catamaran up to 15 k_edited.jpg
        $ 85,000
88 ft 8 guests 4 crew

from                           p/week

catamaran up to 15 k_edited.jpg
        $ 30,000
54 ft 8 guests 2 crew

from                           p/week

catamaran up to 15 k_edited.jpg
        $ 68,000
141 ft 12 guests 9 crew

from                           p/week

catamaran up to 15 k_edited.jpg
        $ 95,000
90 ft 10 guests 4 crew

from                           p/week

catamaran up to 15 k_edited.jpg
        $ 70,000
78 ft 8 guests 2 crew

from                           p/week

catamaran up to 15 k_edited.jpg
        $ 60,000
88 ft 10 guests 5 crew

from                           p/week

catamaran up to 15 k_edited.jpg
        $ 150,000
145 ft 10 guests 9 crew

from                           p/week

8 Day Bahamas Charter Itinerary - Nassau to Nassau

Nassau to Highbourne Cay

Upon arrival in Nassau, you'll be greeted with a short transfer to Albany Marina, where your luxury superyacht charter awaits, along with a warm welcome from the seasoned Captain and crew.

Following a delightful lunch freshly prepared on board, a brief cruise to the Northern Exumas brings you to Highbourne Cay, offering breathtaking views and the soothing warmth of the Caribbean sun. Relaxation is in order, perhaps with a refreshing cocktail in hand. Should the weather be less than ideal, docking at the marina is an option; otherwise, anchoring just off the beach provides a tranquil overnight stay.


Highbourne Cay to Warderick Wells

Wake up to the mesmerizing beauty of the waters surrounding you. Enjoy a leisurely breakfast onboard your private luxury ryacht, soaking in the breathtaking views.

In the morning, take advantage of your yacht's array of water toys or venture ashore to explore the nearby coastlines. This area is teeming with wildlife, making shore exploration a delightful experience, especially considering it's one of the few remaining habitats in the Bahamas where iguanas thrive. After a satisfying lunch, set sail for the Exuma Cays Land and Sea National Park, a protected area managed by the Bahamas National Trust covering 176 square miles of pristine waters. Here, you can indulge in snorkeling to your heart's content, marveling at the vibrant and diverse marine life.


Warderick Wells to Hog Cay

Start your day with a delightful breakfast onboard while admiring the stunning vistas as you sail towards Hog Cay.

In the morning, immerse yourself in exploring the vibrant reef before returning to the yacht for a satisfying lunch. For those seeking adventure, consider a hike up Boo Boo Hill. From its summit, you'll be treated to breathtaking views of the surrounding islands. This is just one of the many trails available in the area; another nearby trail offers the unique sight of a reconstructed sperm whale skeleton on the beach. Alternatively, if relaxation is what you crave, indulge in the serene spa facilities onboard your superyacht and rejuvenate your senses with a refreshing swim in the crystal-clear waters of the Bahamas.


Hog Cay to Fowl Cay to Staniel Cay

Set off on an early morning voyage towards Fowl Cay, and upon anchoring behind the island in serene waters, embark on a captivating exploration of the exotic surroundings.

There's an array of captivating sights and activities to experience, from encountering the famous swimming pigs at Big Majors spot to snorkeling in the renowned Thunderball Grotto, a location featured in numerous Hollywood films including James Bond and Ron Howard's 'Splash.' After a morning filled with exploration, cruise to Staniel Cay Yacht Club in the late afternoon, offering a perfect setting to unwind, socialize, and revel in the vibrant atmosphere of the Yacht Club's bar and restaurant.


Staniel Cay to Bell Island

Begin your day with a delightful breakfast onboard before embarking on an unforgettable adventure to encounter the serene sharks lingering off the end of the docks, a thrilling activity for all aboard.

Depart from Staniel Cay toward Bell Island, celebrated as the premier snorkeling destination in the Bahamas. Enjoy a leisurely afternoon onboard, taking advantage of your yacht's superb amenities, exploring the magnificent reefs around Bell Island, and basking in the gentle warmth of the summer sun. Anchor for the night to relish the tranquil beauty of your surroundings and savor a memorable dinner beneath the twinkling stars.


Bell Island to Norman’s Cay

Relax with a laid-back morning onboard before cruising to Norman’s Cay, where you'll discover a breathtaking afternoon of pristine beaches and remarkable snorkeling experiences.

Norman’s Cay boasts a significant piece of history with the wreckage of Pablo Escobar’s plane, which crashed in shallow waters between Norman’s and Way Cay. While only a portion of the plane is visible above water, its remarkably intact condition offers you and your guests a unique opportunity to witness the infamous drug runner’s aircraft up close.


Norman’s Cay

For those passionate about deep-sea fishing, Norman’s Cay offers an ideal setting to pursue your hobby. Embark on a morning fishing excursion and, with any luck, return with fresh catch for lunch, a treat for those opting for a leisurely morning.

Norman’s Cay features some of the shallowest waters in the Exumas, making it perfect for trying out your yacht's Jet Skis. With a vast lagoon and miles of nearby beaches to explore, there's something for everyone to enjoy here. After a satisfying lunch, weigh anchor and sail towards Albany Marina on Paradise Island, where you can indulge in some leisurely shopping. With a plethora of upscale dining options ashore, unwind, socialize, and savor the flavors of Caribbean cuisine in luxurious surroundings.



Relish a relaxed breakfast onboard while your yacht makes its way back to Albany Marina in Nassau for your departure and onward flight.

If your flight schedule permits, there are numerous activities available for you and your guests to enjoy, whether it's exploring downtown Nassau or embarking on one last scuba diving adventure, concluding your week-long Bahamas getaway in grandeur!

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